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Bruce Becker making effective changes one stick at a time. Feel the difference, know the difference!.

more than just a series of calisthenics

 Insights and observations like no other. Articulated direction with amazing clarity. 

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Puzzles, Rhymes and Riddles:

Solutions in Odd Time Phrasing


Puzzles, Rhymes and Riddles:

Solutions in Odd Time Phrasing

My intention for writing this book is to give some insights and concepts to learn to hear and play odd time patterns and groupings. I have had the good fortune to work with some eccentric composers who have challenged my understanding and ability to play odd time music. I hope you find the material in this book intriguing, challenging and a valued  sourced to draw from in your dealing with complex patterns and groupings.

Bruce's book presents and breaks down all this to give intermediate and advanced students some serious concepts to chew on. Working each idea from several angles, this will be enough to keep even the most rhythmically discerning drummer busy.
Glen Sobel
~Alice Cooper

Learn How To

  • Add Funky Syncopated Feel through 16th note groupings
  • Delvelop your inner GPS through melodic contrasting
  • Improve your inner ear to recognize odd meter groupings
  • And More...

The history of bruce becker

Shot at drumeo studios - Abbotsford, BC

 Take a quick video journey of one of the most insightful masters of technique in the industry today.

Published Jan 3, 2018
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Bruce Becker"
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About Bruce

Leading authority on hand development

Spanning more than 3 decades as an Educator, Bruce has drawn from his more than thirty year association with Drumming “guru” Freddie Gruber carrying on the torch of a unique approach in getting the student to understand the natural principles of the physical body’s interaction with the drum set.

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Bruce's TapTips

This is a small vignette that presents a great sequence to workout the Single drag!

The SingLe Drag

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