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Tower of Power

Watch as David Garibaldi discusses what being a student of Bruce Becker has meant to him.

No matter what age or experience level, do not deny yourself drum lessons that can awaken your technique. 

want your hands to feel better than ever?

Bruce Becker making effective changes one stick at a time. Feel the difference, know the difference!.

more than just a series of calisthenics

 Insights and observations like no other. Drum lessons that provide articulated direction with amazing clarity. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Syncopation:

with Online Video

Develop more relaxed movement, better flow, improved phrasing, and more advanced independence through the use of Ted Reed's classic Syncopation.

With The Ultimate Guide to Syncopation, master teacher Bruce Becker takes Ted Reed’s classic book Syncopation and shows you how to use it to develop more relaxed movement, better flow, improved phrasing, and more advanced independence. Spanning more than four decades as an educator, Bruce has been bringing forward unique concepts in developing “the flow!” Through the years, drummers like David Garibaldi, Tris Imboden, Mark Schulman, Daniel Glass, Glen Sobel, Tim Carman and many more have sought his guidance.

In this book, Bruce adapts the exercises in the classic book Syncopation by Ted Reed to achieve fluidity of movement, phrasing and independence. The concepts presented in this book are designed to:

  • Choreograph your movement to achieve a better flow!
  • Build your own concepts for better phrasing
  • Stretch your independence

If you’ve checked out Syncopation but feel you have not unlocked the secrets that has made it one of the best-selling drum books of all time, Bruce will shed light on how to use it to supercharge your drumming. For longtime users of Syncopation, Bruce’s approach will give you hours of new source material for productive practice.

Includes over 2 hours of instructional video lessons demonstrating and explaining exercises and concepts from this book.

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The history of bruce becker

Shot at drumeo studios - Abbotsford, BC

 Take a quick video journey of one of the most insightful masters of technique in the industry today.

Published Jan 3, 2018
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Bruce Becker"
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