Lesson 2 – 5 Note Herta

Video 1 3-NOTE HERTA FLOW View Lesson Video 2 5-Note Herta FLOW Currently Watching the herta breakdown by Bruce Becker 5-Note Herta Flow Description The 5 Note Herta is a rhythmic extension of the Herta and has a slightly different twist with the movement. Hope you enjoy! Lesson Materials 5-NOTE HERTA FLOW PDF https://cdn1.brucebecker.com/free+lessons/5-note-herta.m4v

Herta Breakdown Mini-Lesson Success

Your email should arrive shortly (check your smap or junk folder if you don’t see your lesson email in your inbox) Don’t miss out on FREE Tips & Advice Follow on Facebook Subscribe at YouTube NOW AVAILABLE IN EBOOK Only $14.99 Puzzles, Rhymes, and Riddles – insights and concepts to learn to hear and play … Read more

Lesson 1 – Herta Phrase

Video 1 3-NOTE HERTA FLOW Currently Watching Video 2 5-Note Herta FLOW Coming Soon the herta breakdown by Bruce Becker The Herta Phrase (3-Note-Flow) Description The Herta… in this presentation I put together some comprehensive building blocks that are built upon usage of Moeller to establish any easy path to the execution of the Herta. … Read more

Herta Breakdown Mini-Lesson

The Herta Breakdown Get Your FREE Table Top Lesson Bruce Becker In these videos I’ll break down the Herta into simple building blocks that will give you a “hands” up on how to improve control and speed of this unique rudiment. Free 2 Part Mini-Lesson Part I Herta Phrase Part II 5-Note Herta Both Lessons … Read more

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